SeniorLAW Center

Margarita Martinez

Hispanic Legal Services & Community Clinics Coordinator

Margarita joined SeniorLAW Center in December 2004. She is primarily responsible for the provision of legal services to Spanish-speaking clients and the Hispanic community, whose elders often face crises of housing, family violence, abuse and financial exploitation. Her duties include direct legal representation, community legal education workshops, translation of legal documents and community education materials. She also staffs the legal clinics at SeniorLAW Center’s Hispanic elderly neighborhood legal clinic sites: the Mann Older Adult Center and Norris Square Senior Center. Margarita is originally from Colombia, where she obtained her law degree from the University of Santo Tomas de Aquino, Bogotá, in 2000. She worked as a civil master in the 41st Court of Common Pleas of the Civil Circuit of Bogotá for two years, and also practiced in the areas of civil and family law and represented the Colombian National Police and their families. She then lived in Spain, where she received her Master of Law from the University of Barcelona, School of Business Administration, in 2002, and worked as an assistant attorney in the legal department of KPMG until 2003.

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