SeniorLAW Center

Judith Franciotti

Judy is the founder and co-owner with her brother of  Vitalatee, LLC, specializing in at-home fitness training for seniors in South Jersey and the Philadelphia suburbs. She recently joined the board after serving as a SLC volunteer for 7 months. She was recruited by a nonprofit organization called Compass to lead a volunteer team of M.B.As in creating a program evaluation framework for SLC. Before starting her own business, Judy worked in marketing and market research roles for major consumer products goods companies. She is a graduate of Rutgers College and received her M.B.A. from Columbia University. Reflecting on her parents’ transition from home to assisted living, she is grateful that they have the resources to live their remaining years in comfort. Through SLC, Judy hopes to help those seniors who aren’t as fortunate as her parents. She believes that every senior should be protected and cherished for all that they have given to all of us.

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