SeniorLAW Center provides testimony to promote access to right to vote!

SeniorLAW Center provides testimony before the PA House State Government Committee to promote access to the right to vote!

SeniorLAW Center Executive Director Karen Buck testified before the House State Government Committee in Harrisburg Monday, March 21st, in opposition to HB 647 and HB 934, requiring photo voter ID, which will create obstacles to the fundamental right to vote of many seniors, as well as low-income and minority communities. “We believe that ‘photo ID’ voting requirements unnecessarily limit rather than expand citizen

participation in the electoral process. And those limits will hit seniors and low-income folks disproportionately,” said Buck. “Seniors are disproportionately represented among the

millions of Americans who do not have current government-issued photo IDs. As many as eighteen percent of American citizens age 65 and above – more than 6 million seniors – do not

have current government-issued photo ID…We should be removing barriers for Pennsylvania’s seniors, not creating them. Surely we want to preserve and support the rights of our older veterans, grandmothers and

grandfathers, those who came before us and who created the opportunities we enjoy today; surely we want to preserve and support their right to shape the world they helped build and defend.”

SeniorLAW Center joined the ACLU of Pennsylvania, the Brennan Center for Justice of NYU Law School, the League of Women Voters and AARP Pennsylvania in voicing objection to HB 647 and HB 934.  Read the full testimony here.

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