Election Day is Tuesday, November 8th – PHOTO ID IS NOT REQUIRED TO VOTE

Elections for judicial, county, school district and municipal positions will be held this Tuesday, Nov. 8.

Although there is pending legislation to require photo ID of all voters in the future, you currently do NOT need to show photo ID to vote.

However, if you've never voted before or are voting in a new division, you are considered a new voter according to federal law and must show proof of identification. It does not have to include a photo.

Accepted forms of ID for new voters include a driver's license or state or federal ID card; U.S. passport or student, employee or armed forces ID; or any of the following provided it displays a current name and address: voter registration card, utility bill, bank statement, paycheck or government check. For a complete list of approved ID, click here. Additionally, if a new voter cannot show ID, does not appear on the voter registry or is challenged by an election official, that voter may vote via provisional ballot.
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To find out where your local polling place is on Election Day, click here.
The right to vote is a fundamental one, which we should not take for granted.

Be a part of our democracy. Exercise your right to vote. Make your voice heard!


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