PROTECT YOUR RIGHT TO VOTE! The New Voter ID law in Pennsylvania

On March 14, 2012, Gov. Corbett signed HB 934, the “Voter ID” law that SeniorLAW Center opposed in light of its dangerous impact on the rights of voters, including hundreds of thousands of Pennsylvania seniors who do not have Photo ID.  While the legislation will be challenged in the Courts, we urge everyone to learn more about the new law and what is now required to exercise your right to vote.  Click here for information on obtaining photo ID and the types of ID which will be accepted 

Please note that Photo ID is to be provided free of charge by PennDOT for those needing ID to vote.  Click here to visit the PennDOT website.

All voters will now be asked for Photo ID every time they vote.  While voters will be asked for Photo ID on April 24th for the April primary election, no one is to be turned away at the April election if they do not have it!  Call SeniorLAW Center for more information and resources so we can help assure that no one is precluded from exercising this most fundamental of rights.  Click here for more information from Committee of Seventy on Voter ID.

If you know of someone who currently does not have one of the accepted forms of ID listed above and will likely have difficulty obtaining an ID, or if you have any questions about the voter ID law or the legal challenge to it, please feel free to contact the American Civil Liberties Union of Pennsylvania at 717-238-2258 or You can also check out their webpage at

Click here for the most frequently asked questions regarding the new voter ID law.

Voting is the most essential right of our democracy.  Know your rights!  If you don’t have Photo ID or know someone who doesn’t, please contact us.  Help us protect your right to vote!


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