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We’re pleased to have a part in the leadership of the voting rights movement at a critical time in the history of our nation and our state.  There are many ways SeniorLAW Center is involved and many ways you can be involved.  The administration has now confirmed that 9.2% of voters across the Commonwealth and 1 in 5 voters in Philadelphia lack photo ID from the DMV – that’s 186,000 voters in Philadelphia alone.  Research and data confirms that seniors are at the highest risk of not having and facing problems in procuring the newly required ID – 18% of older Americans lack the required ID to vote.  Join us!  Here’s a few ways:

1)      We are filing our amicus brief in the litigation challenging the constitutionality of Act 18, the Voter ID law, this week with national, statewide and local partners.   We will share the finished product with you later this week when we have filed it in Commonwealth Court.  Very exciting and important arguments, research and data regarding how the new law will discourage and indeed disenfranchise hundreds of thousands of older Pennsylvanians.  Spread the word and debunk the myths that everyone has ID.  Seniors are most at risk! 

2)      Join us at the rally this Thursday, July 19th at noon at 5th and Market Streets! ; organized by AARP.  We’ll be speaking and announcing the amicus brief.  The focus is to share information and support rights of voter of all ages.  CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION!

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3)      We are a member of the vibrant Philadelphia Voter ID Coalition, with membership growing daily, including diverse legal, human services and advocacy groups (including the Philadelphia Bar Assn.).  Through the Coalition, we all have an opportunity to help educate, train, and reach out to diverse communities throughout Philadelphia.  Lawyers, nonlawyers, students and volunteers of all ages and walks of life are needed with vast opportunities to participate.  Field offices open this Saturday, July 21st at 310 W. Chelten Ave. in Germantown.  Join us Saturday for the opening; join the effort to protect the right to vote.  

4)      SeniorLAW Center is leading the launch of pro bono legal clinics to help procure birth certificates and ID to vote.  Our first clinic is slated for Friday, August 3, 2012 at Face to Face in Germantown with 3 major law firms to participate, including Pepper and Blank Rome.  We welcome your presence and participation!  9-10am Training, 10-12noon client services.  Please be in touch if you can join us.  Additional clinics are being scheduled for late August and September.  Time is of the essence in light of the upcoming election and the time and obstacles needed to get ID.


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