SeniorLAW Center and PA Voter ID Coalition celebrate decision which allows all eligible voters to vote without Photo ID in the November election!

As reported in the.”> Philadelphia Inquirer on October 3rd, SeniorLAW Center and the PA Voter Coalition continue our work to educate and protect the rights of voters, following the decision of the Commonweath Court to delay enforcement of the Voter ID law until after the November election.

SeniorLAW Center is a proud member of the PA Voter Coalition (formerly the PA Voter ID Coalition) and its many partnerships to help all voters protect and exercise their right to vote. The Coalition of over 150 member organizations has led education, outreach, training and advocacy efforts, and SeniorLAW Center has been delighted to be an active member in these activities, partnering with the Committee of Seventy, the Pennsylvania League of Women Voters, PA Voice, and many other wonderful organizations. After learning about and digesting the Commonwealth decision to delay implementation of Photo ID requirements, the Coalition strategized on next steps to educate voters on the current state of the law.

Our message:
1. ID is not required to vote in November
2. Get Out and Vote on November 6th!


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