Pepper Hamilton triumphs for senior defrauded by repair contractor!

SeniorLAW Center and Pepper Hamilton are happy to report another victory for their “Fighting Contractor Fraud” pro bono partnership. This case involved a 62-year-old low- income senior who was forced to move to a rented apartment following a fire that devastated her home. She hired a contractor to repair her home and was charged a large down payment. After several weeks of work—and several more payments—the senior became frustrated with the contractor’s slow progress and hired someone new to complete the renovations. The new contractor estimated that the original contractor had only completed a small fraction of the work and much of that was done poorly.

In order to get her money back and repair the original contractor’s shoddy work, the senior came to SeniorLAW Center for help. Her case was referred to Pepper Hamilton attorneys Laurence Shiekman, John L. Schweder, II, and Stephanie Wahba who investigated and sued the original contractor. On the day set to pick the jury and begin the trial, the contractor decided to settle and offered the senior $22,000 as compensation.


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