LAURA MINTZER (in memoriam), former Legal Advocate for over 25 years

Laura may indeed be called the Grande Dame of SeniorLAW Center, having joined the staff in 1980 and serving as a legal advocate for over a quarter of a century.  Her zealous and compassionate advocacy for seniors in need never wavered throughout her almost quarter century of service.  She remained passionate about serving seniors every single day.

Laura graduated from Boston University in 1970 and received her Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Florida State University in 1973.  She worked as a Criminal Investigator for the North Florida Public Defender’s Office, for the Florida Division of Youth Services, where she developed training programs for professionals working with children of alcoholics, and as a Criminal Justice Planner for the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas.  In May 1980 Laura was hired as a Legal Assistant by Marlene Kline, the first Executive Director of Judicare (now SeniorLAW Center).

For over a quarter century, since almost the very beginning of our organization’s existence, Laura fought ferociously for the legal rights of low-income seniors who were abused, exploited and defrauded.  Over her career, Laura literally changed the lives of thousands of Philadelphia seniors with her advocacy:  saving hundreds of homes, obtaining heat, utilities, and public benefits for countless more, obtaining restitution and repairs from contractors and others who have exploited seniors, fighting against discrimination based on age and on disability and for fair housing and justice…and so much more.

Laura saved the homes of well over 500 seniors during her long tenure at Judicare/SeniorLAW Center.  Long before today’s tax collection efforts, Laura used her creativity and advocacy to establish a strong working relationship with a tax collection law firm in the coordination of a program whereby seniors threatened with real estate tax Sheriff Sale could enter into hardship payment agreements, thus saving their homes.

Laura specialized in resolving clients’ legal problems with City-related agencies and programs.  She provided comfort, compassion and justice to thousands of seniors over her career.  She was also an amazing and eloquent ambassador for our clients and our work.  Her words and presence are still felt strongly, years after her untimely passing.

Laura was a passionate animal lover, and cared for her own dogs and cats, as well as strays in the community.  She was known to be rescuing felines and canines from all over the city and finding them new homes.  She loved art, nature, and the simple pleasures and beauties of life.

Laura left behind many friends, colleagues and clients who loved her dearly, and always will.

We are proud to honor the legacy of Laura Mintzer, advocate extraordinaire, by inducting her, in memoriam, as a member of the inaugural class of the SeniorLAW Center Hall of Fame.

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