SeniorLAW Center supports a Day of Action for PA Voters in Harrisburg on October 1!

Seniors fought, bled and advocated for the right to vote in this country.  Protecting the right to vote is an important part of SeniorLAW Center’s mission, as we recognize voting affects every aspect of our lives and every other right we have.  Voting affects housing, food, health care, education, senior services, a safety net for the poor, access to legal services, justice — and support for all of these.  

Citizens of all ages and walk of life from across Pennsylvania will be convening at the State Capitol in Harrisburg on Tuesday, October 1st to show support for meaningful election reform.  This is a nonpartisan, statewide event.   

Voting rights advocates from across the state will be calling on elected officials to bring early voting to Pennsylvania and expand access to absentee ballots.  We need you to there to join us as we also encourage the House of Representatives to pass SB 37, the Online Voter Registration bill, which would expand opportunities for eligible voters while improving voter registration in the state.  The people of Pennsylvania deserve, desire, and demand reasonable expansion of opportunities to participate in the democratic process.

Advocates will be meeting in the Main Rotunda of the Capitol for a press conference/mini-rally, after which participants will have the opportunity to attend a legislative briefing and meet with legislators. 

Check out the full agenda, learn more about the Day of Action & the groups that are supporting it, and RSVP here.

Pennsylvania should be a leader in advancing democracy and expanding voting rights!  For seniors and all citizens of Pennsylvania, join us in this important work.    

Find out more about these key voting issues: 

Online Voter Registration.  As one of the truly non-partisan election reforms making progress, online voter registration stands to greatly simplify voter registration across the country.  Click here to learn more.

“No Excuse” Absentee Ballot.  Absentee voting is conducted by mail-in paper ballot prior to the day of the election.  While all states offer some version of it, there is quite a lot of variation in states’ procedures for absentee voting. Click here to learn more.

Early Voting.  Two-thirds of the states–32, plus the District of Columbia–offer some sort of early voting.  Early voting allows voters to visit an election official’s office or, in some states, other satellite voting locations, and cast a vote in person without offering an excuse for why the voter is unable to vote on election day. Click here to learn more.


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