LOOP (Longtime Owner Occupants Program) Tax Reduction Deadline is February 18, 2014! ACT NOW!

The deadline for Philadelphia’s property tax program LOOP (Longtime Owner Occupants Program) is February 18, 2014. Under LOOP, if you have lived in your home at for least 10 years and your property has a substantial increase in assessed value, the City may give you significant tax savings for 10 years.

To qualify: You must have owned and lived in the property as your primary residence since at least July 1, 2003; your home must be either a single-family or multi-unit property with no more than three residential units and one commercial unit; your property may never have received a tax abatement; your real estate taxes must be paid in full, or you must be current on a payment agreement or have an application for a payment agreement pending; the 2014 assessed value of your property must approximately triple the 2013 assessed value; you must meet income guidelines.

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SeniorLAW Center’s program, Property and Inheritance Tax Aid for Elders, provides legal assistance on many tax issues to seniors throughout Pennsylvania. The project was launched with the generous award of an ABA Section of Taxation Public Service Fellowship. For more information about the program, click here.

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