THANK YOU! 2015 SeniorLAW Gala was a huge success! See our wonderful 6 OVER 60 video & photos here.

Top L to R:  Ronald Shaffer, Karen C. Buck, David Fair, Lovett Hines, Richard J. Conn, Syreeta J. Moore, Shari J. Odenheimer & Joseph B. Silverstein. Bottom L to R: Juanita Ramos, Honorable Phyllis Beck, Shelly Beaser, Tobey Gordon Dichter & Cynthia Wishkovsky.
Top L to R: Ronald Shaffer, Partner of the year recipient; SeniorLAW Center Executive Director, Karen C. Buck;  6 OVER 60 Honorees: David Fair & Lovett Hines; 2015 Hall of Fame Honoree,  Richard J. Conn;  Gala co-chairs:  Syreeta J. Moore, Shari J. Odenheimer & Joseph B. Silverstein.  Bottom L to R: 6 OVER 60 Honorees: Juanita Ramos, Honorable Phyllis Beck, Shelly Beaser & Tobey Gordon Dichter;  2015 Hall of Fame Honoree, Cynthia Wishkovsky.

Thank you all for joining us and supporting our most successful event ever! We proudly honored remarkable older Pennsylvanians and advocates for elder justice. A night of inspiring lives, moving videos and words, and much celebration of elder justice and your friendship. CONGRATULATIONS to all of our honorees. CLICK HERE for photos of this fabulous event!  Photography by:  Sam Zolten — Photo/Facts
Day in the Life Documentaries, Video and Photography

CLICK HERE to watch the 6 Over 60 video featuring interviews with our 6 OVER 60 honorees!  Our gratitude to filmmaker Malcolm Alston, who created this extraordinary film.






L to R:  Karen C Buck, Shari J. Odenheimer, Ceil O'Connor, Joseph B. Silverstein, Gay Parks Rainville, Beth Palubinsky, William Fedullo, Syreeta J. Moore, Erin Lamb, Stephen Stewart, Marisa Harris Lattimore, Teresa Cavenagh, William Donohue, Albert Piccerilli, Ronald Shaffer, Carl W. Bailey

SeniorLAW Center Board of Directors and other leaders  L to R:  Karen C. Buck; Shari J. Odenheimer; Ceil O’Connor; Joseph B. Silverstein; Gay Parks Rainville; Beth Palubinsky; William Fedullo; Syreeta J. Moore; Erin Lamb; Stephen Stewart; Marisa Harris Lattimore; Teresa Cavenagh; William Donohue; Albert Piccerilli; Ronald Shaffer & Carl Bailey.



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