THANK YOU for believing in elder justice!

Thank You! SeniorLAW Center’s 40th Anniversary Gala was magical! You made the difference!

SeniorLAW Center’s stellar expanded staff rocking the color of the night, 40th Anniversary ruby red!

THANK YOU for believing in justice! And supporting our work. Our 2018 40th Anniversary Gala was smashing and our most successful ever! Congratulations to our honorees, thank you sponsors, you honor us wit your investment! Thank you friends, partners, volunteers, staff and board! Together, we help change the world!  Click Here for more photos of the event!

SeniorLAW Center’s Board of Directors

SeniorLAW Center’s Board of Directors from l-r: (front row): Teresa Cavenagh, Al Piccerilli, Rich Weiner, Beth Rubin, Bobbi Jacobs-Meadway. From l-r (back row): Carl Bailey, Bill Donohue, Karen Buck, Bill Fedullo – Board Chair, Shari Odenheimer, Stephen Stewart, Judy Franciotti, Michael Peterson, Wanda Richards, Cyndee Wishkovsky, Deanna Jenkins, Elisa McEnroe and Matt Swett

Thank You! 40th Anniversary Honoree: AARP

From l-r: Carl Bailey, SeniorLAW Center Board Member, Rawle Andrews, AARP Regional VP, Mega Region, Nora Dowd Eisenhower, SeniorLAW Center’s Director of Pro Bono for Community Impact, Bill Johnston-Walsh, AARP PA State Director, and Karen Buck, Executive Director of SeniorLAW Center

Thank You! 40th Anniversary Honoree: The Barristers’ Association of Philadelphia

From l-r: Wendy Bookler, SeniorLAW Center’s Legal Director, Charles Gibbs, President of The Barristers’ Association of Philadelphia, Macdonald Taylor, SeniorLAW Center Legal Advocate, Cateria R. McCabe, SeniorLAW Center’s Director of Kinship, Veterans and Tenants’ Rights

Thank You! 40th Anniversary Honoree: The Chancellors of the Philadelphia Bar Association

From l-r: Bill Fedullo, Abe Reich, Frank Devine, Shelli Fedullo, Larry Beaser and Kathleen Wilkinson

Thank You! 40th Anniversary Honoree: Peter A. Muhic, Esq.

Peter Muhic of Kessler, Topaz, Meltzer and Check and Dana Muhic

Thank You 40th Anniversary Gala Co-Chairs!

From l-r: Rich Weiner, Steve Feldman, Shari Odenheimer, Bill Donohue, Wendy Bookler, Ron Shaffer, Gay Parks Rainville, Teresa Cavenagh, Bill Fedullo

Photo credit: All Gala Photos were taken by Photographer and Filmmaker Sam Zolten/Photo Facts. 

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