SeniorLAW Center Testifies Before the City Council Public Safety Committee Hearing

Today, Cateria R. McCabe, Esq., Director of Veterans, Kinship and Tenants Rights, testified at the City Council Public Safety Committee hearing in support of two bills: No. 180741 regarding Criminal and Defiant Trespassers and Bill No. 180978 regarding Fraudulent Leasing of Residential Property. 

SeniorLAW Center is proud to support the proposed amendments in Bill No. 180741 because they provide protections for legitimate occupants, victims of abuse, victims of fraud and those with a right of redemption in tax foreclosure from criminal charges and penalties under the current law.  SeniorLAW Center has been working in collaboration with numerous stakeholders convened by Councilmember Parker that include the Police Department, District Attorney’s office and the City Law Department. 

SeniorLAW Center also supports passage of Bill 180978 because it creates a way to sue bad actors responsible for fraudulent leases. It is a part of a broader strategy to protect innocent victims of lease fraud.  It supplements the Unfair Trade Practices and Consumer Protection Law which also provides the right to sue perpetrators of consumer fraud.

For a link to the full testimony, click here. 

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