SeniorLAW Center works with stakeholders to fight eviction in Philadelphia

Evictions are a big problem. But we have a solution with a big impact.
Did you know that over 20,000 Philadelphians are facing a court eviction each year? That is 1 in 14 Philadelphia renters. Without access to legal help, these renters are facing a complicated legal system that, more often than not, results in them being homeless. While 80% of landlords in Philadelphia have access to an attorney, only 11% of renters do. These evictions disproportionately affect communities of color, contribute to homelessness, cause persistent mental and physical health issues, lead to job loss and make children twice as likely to enter foster care. Furthermore, evictions remain on a renter’s record for years, limiting a renter’s ability to access housing in the future and contributing to long-term homelessness.
Philadelphians deserve justice. That’s why we are advocating for a Right to Counsel for Philadelphia renters. 
By guaranteeing access to legal representation for low-income Philadelphians facing eviction, we can ensure that no Philadelphian is unfairly evicted. When a renter has a lawyer, they have a 95% chance of avoiding homelessness. They are also four times more likely to win her case than they would be without representation. With an advocate, renters understand the eviction process, are able to make informed decisions and be active participants in the legal process, are connected to resources to avoid disruptive displacement, and are able to obtain better agreements with their landlords.
Philadelphia must level the playing field by investing in a Right to Counsel for renters.
Stand up for renters and make the City better for everyone. Stability for renters makes more stable neighborhoods and communities, which is good for all of Philadelphia. 
We are pleased to announce that Philadelphia City Councilmembers Clarke, Gym, Johnson, Jones, Greenlee, Henon, and Parker have co-sponsored a bill that will guarantee a lawyer to low-income renters who are facing eviction. 
There will be a hearing on this Right to Counsel bill on October 29th at City Hall at 10am and we are asking for your support! Please join us at the October 29th hearing and contact your City Council member today and let them know that you support a Right to Counsel for renters. 

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