In response to the Governor’s directive, all of SeniorLAW Center's physical offices are closed, but we continue to provide services to our older clients and communities who are disproportionately impacted by this crisis.

All staff are working and accessible remotely. Those needing our services should contact us by phone at:

Please see resources on our website with more information for older adults in these uncertain times. Join us in making extra efforts to ensure the older people in our lives are safe, healthy and connected.


SeniorLAW Center

SeniorLAW Center COVID-19 Resource Flyers for Emergency Areas of Law

SeniorLAW Center is on the front lines serving basic needs of low-income, isolated and vulnerable older people who are at the epicenter of the COVID-19 crisis. We are responding to emergencies each day: seeking emergency protection from abuse orders to end horrific and often deadly family violence against older people, sexual assault orders, emergency custody for grandparents raising grandchildren who have been abandoned, abused or neglected, illegal lockouts, utility shutoffs, COVID-19 fraud, scams and exploitation, urgent health care decisionmaking and all forms of elder abuse, family violence and family crisis. SeniorLAW Center seeks justice for older people using the power of the law, educating the community, and advocating on local, state and national levels. We are the only nonprofit in Pennsylvania solely dedicated to protecting the legal rights of older people, serving almost 10,000 seniors each year. All of our services are free. Click below to read more about critical areas of law and older people and resources and legal services that are important for older people’s survival during this pandemic. 

COVID 19 Informational Flyer SeniorLAW Center

COVID-19 Custody Flyer SeniorLAW Center

COVID-19 Evictions Flyer SeniorLAW Center

COVID-19 Homeownership Rights Flyer SeniorLAW Center 

COVID-19 Protection From Abuse Orders Flyer SeniorLAW Center

COVID-19 Safety Checklist SeniorLAW Center

COVID-19 Scams Flyer SeniorLAW Center

COVID-19 LGBTQ Older Adults Flyer SeniorLAW Center 

COVID-19 More Scams

COVID-19 Financial Scams

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