COVID-19 Informational Videos on Critical Areas of Law

by Kristen Wilson

  • Posted on October 5, 2020

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SeniorLAW Center continues to be on the front lines, serving basic needs of low-income, isolated, and vulnerable older people in Pennsylvania. We are an independent nonprofit legal services organization, working to serve the legal needs of Pennsylvania residents, age 60 and older, for over 40 years.

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted and heightened the disparity in access to legal services for older people: in particular, the poor, the frail, the vulnerable, the disenfranchised, and the members of minority groups. Older people continue to be disproportionately impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. According to the Pennsylvania Department of Health, over 39,000 of COVID-19 cases in Pennsylvania have been adults age 60 and older. Pennsylvania residents over age 65 comprised 87.5% of its COVID-19 deaths. Black and brown older people are disproportionately affected, at a rate almost triple that of whites, due to ongoing health care and poverty disparities.

Our older population faces issues of mental and physical abuse, financial exploitation, eviction, foreclosure, and other legal crises. They are raising grandchildren and great-grandchildren when birth parents cannot due to unemployment, illness, addiction, mental health crises, or early death.

See below important videos with critical information on important areas of law and basic human needs that older people should know about through COVID-19 and beyond.

Click on the links below to view the videos.

Joanna Jarzebowska, Esq. Director of Client Intake

Top 4 Life Planning Documents that Older People Should Know about during the COVID-19 Pandemic





PK Dickson, Legal Advocate

Top 5 Things that Every Older Tenant Should Know During the COVID-19 Pandemic





Beth Shay, Director of Homeowners’ Rights

Top Five Things that Every Older Homeowner Should Know During the COVID-19 Pandemic





Tara Saunders, Victim Services Outreach Coordinator and Domestic Violence Specialist

Elder Abuse and Financial Exploitation Prevention and COVID-19






Brendan Corbalis, Esq., Assistant Director Victim Services Director 

Elder Financial Exploitation and COVID-19

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