SeniorLAW Center statement on the 2020 vote: Justice is Nonpartisan

by Kristen Wilson

  • Posted on November 4, 2020

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In 2020 we witnessed the world change before our eyes. A global pandemic affecting every aspect of our lives, health and legal systems. A new global awareness of current and historical racial injustice and trauma facing black and brown communities. And now, a national election starkly revealing our divisions, in our Commonwealth and in our nation. Over these months we have endured loss, death, trauma and a relentless uncertainty and even fear of what lies ahead.

During this unprecedented time, SeniorLAW Center has been unwavering in its mission to seek justice for and empower older people to fight poverty, family violence, homelessness, abuse and exploitation, and strengthen families, the right to vote, and access to justice. And in the face of an unprecedented election during these crises, we joined forces with our many diverse partners in the legal community, aging advocates, grassroots organizations, elected officials, health care professionals, the faith-based community and many others to protect the rights of all to vote — one of our most cherished and fundamental American rights and freedoms.

We recognize that our country is deeply divided. But we can all agree that justice should not be partisan. Justice does not have a party. It is not red or blue. Equal justice for all is the very fabric of who we are as Americans. It is what we seek every day, and will continue to seek.

Thank you for joining us in believing and working for justice for all.

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