Phase 4 rental assistance is now LIVE for tenants living in Philadelphia

by Kristen Wilson

  • Posted on April 5, 2021

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Phase 4 rental assistance application is now LIVE for both tenants and landlords to login and apply! See updated flyer by clicking here. Some highlights:

• Up to $42,000 per tenant.
• Landlord can complete application on behalf of tenant, but tenant will need to sign some forms and provide to landlord.
• Tenant can apply for back rent and utilities owed for current or previous location back to April 2020.
• Tenant can apply for future rent to be used for 1st/last/security in order to move and it will be paid out in one lump sum.
• Landlord application for rental assistance will automatically enroll the parties in the Eviction Diversion Program.
• Landlords or tenants can call 311 to be connected to a housing counselor for assistance in completing the application.
• Don’t forget to advise tenants to request utility assistance.

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