SeniorLAW Center Testifies Before PHL City Council

by Kristen Wilson

  • Posted on November 1, 2021

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Attorneys and other advocates from SeniorLAW Center recently testified before the Philadelphia City Council, at the Intergenerational Affairs and Aging Hearing held on October 20th. Our own Daniel Hyman, Esq. spoke at length about the struggles seniors disproportionally face regarding the citywide and national housing crisis, including moving expenses, mobility and handicap limitations, and potentially hazardous or deteriorating living conditions. Daniel presents these issues with great insight, as well as potential solutions for the City Council to adopt.

Additionally, the City Council heard testimony from Juliano Jima and Terez Guiliana, who shared their own experiences with seniors facing housing crises, as well as their own experiences going through the same struggles. Juliano, a disabled former taxi driver, relates his own eviction threat which he currently faces, while Terez, a community advocate, shares the story of two elderly brothers whom she and her husband have supported for several years.

Read the transcripts from Daniel, Juliano, and Terez in the links provided.

Watch the full City Council hearing, with timestamps for each testimony provided below.

Daniel’s testimony begins at 24:00, Juliano begins at 50:22 and Terez begins at 57:03:

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