Article: How Do We Protect Voting Rights in PA?

by Kristen Wilson

  • Posted on January 11, 2022

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JAN 11 — In its last official action to end 2021, the Pennsylvania House of Representatives voted to enact legislation that would, among other items, impose strict voter ID regulations as well as open up the process for auditing elections. The measure has yet to reach the Senate floor, but if approved, the proposal would pass into law, bypassing the governor’s signature and veto power.

SeniorLAW Center, as well as numerous public interest law organizations in the state, has fought tirelessly to preserve the voting rights of traditionally disenfranchised voters, including older voters, disabled voters, and Black and brown voters. The proposed legislation, if enacted, would undo years of advocacy and activism for which we have collectively worked, and jeopardize the most basic American right for thousands of voters across the state.

Executive Director Karen Buck shares her perspective of the incoming legislation, as well as what Pennsylvania must do to preserve voting rights for its people, in the Legal Intelligencer, Philadelphia’s premier law journal. Read her article on the Intelligencer website here, or access a PDF copy here.

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