In response to the Governor’s directive, all of SeniorLAW Center's physical offices are closed, but we continue to provide services to our older clients and communities who are disproportionately impacted by this crisis.

All staff are working and accessible remotely. Those needing our services should contact us by phone at:

Please see resources on our website with more information for older adults in these uncertain times. Join us in making extra efforts to ensure the older people in our lives are safe, healthy and connected.


SeniorLAW Center

Homeowners Assistance Program (“HAP”)

Housing is essential to all aspects of our lives: independence, safety, health, security, and particularly critical to the lives of seniors. SeniorLAW Center’s Homeowners Assistance Project team addresses the critical legal problems faced by older homeowners that threaten their housing and ability to live freely and independently in their communities. We help seniors facing all types of mortgage foreclosure, deed and title problems, estate administration to save a home, and those victimized by unscrupulous contractors.

• Our work is critically needed since the majority of Philadelphia seniors – even those who are low-income — own their own homes. Approximately 117,000 homes in Philadelphia are owned by adults age 65 and over, and many of these homeowners live alone on fixed incomes consisting primarily of social security.

• We serve senior homeowners 60 and older in Philadelphia who seek to save and maintain their homes, where they have often lived for decades.

o We save seniors’ homes by representing senior homeowners facing mortgage, reverse mortgage and property tax foreclosure.
o We fight contractor fraud, suing home repair contractors who ran away with our clients’ money without performing the repairs, or who performed shoddy repairs.
o We probate estates and transfer deeds to clear up clouds on title for senior homeowners. By becoming record owners of their homes, seniors can qualify for crucial city programs and maintain their homes going forward.
o We are present and active in Philadelphia’s Mortgage Foreclosure Diversion Court every week, where we help senior homeowners facing difficult legal situations and strategize with housing counselors.
o We go into the communities where seniors live to conduct outreaches and neighborhood clinics, helping to prevent legal problems that often lead to foreclosure.
o We educate seniors about tax programs available to them to help reduce and/or keep their property taxes down and help others get into affordable payment agreements for their taxes.
o We train professionals such as housing counselors, social workers, legal advocates, and attorneys nationwide in vital legal issues relating to housing, so they can prevent foreclosure for their clients.

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o Reverse Mortgage Foreclosure Guide for Housing Counselors & Borrowers: A clear, step-by-step guide to resolving a reverse mortgage foreclosure in the Diversion Program
o Home Repair Pamphlet: A guide to seeking home repairs in Philadelphia

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