Pension Rights


SeniorLAW Center is proud to be the Pennsylvania partner on the Mid-America Pension Rights Project, a regional pension counseling project, serving Pennsylvania, Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee.

Pensions often are critical in helping older Americans maintain financial security and independence.  Pennsylvania residents of any age can contact the PA SeniorLAW HelpLine (1.877.727.7529) for assistance with a pension problem, at no charge.  This includes those under 60 or those who are not Pennsylvania residents but who are seeking retirement benefits from a Pennsylvania-based company or employment.


    • Provide expansive services in the area of pension rights, including:


      • Eligibility and rights


      • Benefit rights for spouses and survivors


      • Rights of divorced individuals


      • Finding lost pensions


      • Pension denials and appeals


    • Pursue pension questions and problems through the administrative process


    • Where litigation is required, the Mid-America Pension Rights Project may be able to assist people in finding a pension attorney to bring their case to court



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