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This year, in place of our annual Gala, SeniorLAW Center is hosting an inclusive and interactive Storytelling Fundraising Campaign.

At SeniorLAW Center, we are reminded every day of the transformative impact that we have on the lives of vulnerable older people. We witness the lived experiences of our clients as they alter perspectives, change laws, improve lives. To support the thousands of older people we serve each year who face poverty, homelessness, abuse, we’re sharing stories about seniors who inspire us.

Today, we invite you to be a part of our “LifeLegacyJustice” Storytelling Fundraising Campaign by donating, sponsoring and/or simply viewing the important, impactful and heartwarming stories shared throughout this campaign.

From Our Executive Director

We make positive change happen through the stories we hear, the stories we help write, the stories we share with one another, the stories that make everyone’s life better. I lost my mom this year. I yearn to tell her story of the challenges she overcame and how she helped make me the woman, the leader, the mom I am today.

This year, as we tell stories, emerge from the pandemic, and tirelessly seek justice for older people in need, please consider giving or renewing your support.

We hope you will join us.

Very truly yours,

Karen C. Buck
Executive Director