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Help SeniorLAW Center protect the right to vote

We’re pleased to have a part in the leadership of the voting rights movement at a critical time in the history of our nation and our state.  There are many ways SeniorLAW Center is involved and many ways you can be involved.  The administration has now confirmed that 9.2% of voters across the Commonwealth and…

Voucher program offers fresh produce to low-income seniors

The Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program provides resources in the form of fresh, nutritious, locally grown fruits, vegetables, honey and herbs from farmers’ markets, roadside stands and community supported agriculture programs to low income seniors. cheap antivirus software The program will provide the seniors with four vouchers, totaling $20, which they can exchange for Pennsylvania…


ELECTION DAY IS TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 5TH! PHOTO ID IS NOT REQUIRED TO VOTE! ID is only required if you are voting for the first time in a new district! Your vote is your voice.  Voting affects every aspect of our lives.  Let your voice be heard!   Encourage your family, friends and neighbors to vote…


  oem software store PROPERTY TAX REBATE FILING DEADLINE JUNE 30, 2012:  It is free to apply and assistance is available!  Do you own your home in Philadelphia?  Are you at least 65 years old, OR widowed and 50 years old OR receiving SSI?  Is your income below $35,000? If so, APPLY TODAY FOR YOUR…

2012 SeniorPROM a grand success!

The 2012 SeniorPROM is a grand success! SeniorLAW thanks our sponsors, hosts and attendees and congratulates its honorees. See all the photos HERE!

Help Support SeniorLAW Center

Your support of SeniorLAW Center helps to ensure that Pennsylvania’s elders may age with dignity and safety, free from abuse and violence, in their homes and neighborhoods.

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